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27/05/06 - 29/05/06

Bank holiday weekend - Photos here

Rich and I had a very busy bank holiday weekend which involved having a farewell house gathering on the Saturday evening, a trip out to the bowling alley on the Sunday and a visit to see the third 'X-men' film.

This weekend was one of the few nights that it was possible for Rich, Matt and Steve to gather before the house of trouser gets split up as people go to live elsewhere. Jenga and 'The Simpsons game of life' was played and enjoyed by all - Matt lost the Jenga and Rich won the game of life.

Sadly Duncan couldn't make it along to the gathering on Saturday - but to make up for this he has donated his game of Jenga to the house occupants - bless him :)

On the Sunday Rich and I met up with Cara and Nick for a game of bowling. I had almost convinced Rich that I was an excellent bowler - until he remembered a the story I told him about managing to bounce my bowling ball into someone else's lane. However, even with that to live down I managed to play possibly the best game of my life in which I scored a double (that's two strikes in a row!). Apart from almost causing an injury by letting go of the bowling ball on my back swing I think I did surprisingly well, and I'm sure that the next time we play I will be able to beat Rich's score.

Monday was much more relaxed with the only thing to worry about being a trip to see the latest X-men film. The film is good fun and action packed from start to finish, worth going to see if you enjoyed the first two.

Only two more weeks until the flat move...


Final Fantasy IX

After well over 90 hours of game play I have finally managed to complete Final Fantasy IX - whew! Rich lent me this Play Station game after Alex kindly gave me his old Play Station - that was over six months ago now...

If you ever get the chance to play this game I most highly recommend it - it is such good fun, great characters, story line and lots of side quests that you can play. Rich has ordered me a copy of Final Fantasy X for me to get my teeth into - and a some point I want to try playing Dragon Quest (by the same people who do FF).

On a non-game note - the flat move is still going well, I've cleared out tons of my stuff in preparation. Only 2 weeks left to go!

19/05/06 - 21/05/06

Off up to Yorkshire

Rich and I made a quick trip to Yorkshire this weekend to catch up with some of Rich's family up there. We stayed with his lovely parents who catered to our every need, especially where it involved cups of tea and tasty dinners. During our stay we had a eurovision song contest evening (we were routing for Finland's rock band who won!), went to see 'The Da Vinci code' (a great disappointment as the scene with the Librarian in was cut) and managed to beat Rich's parents at Pictionary again.

A quick thank you to Rich's parents for having us - we look forward to treating you as guests when you next come down to see us in the new flat.


A trip to the play ground

Today the Rundle siblings and co. (Liz with Myfanwy, myself with Rich, Alex, Thea and Marcus) gathered at Thea's home in Earith for a delicious lunch. After eating lots of tasty spaghetti (some of which I managed to get down my top - I was even messier than Myfanwy!) we all went off to a fantastic play ground where some of Marcus' family joined us. Much high jinx ensued - most of which was carefully recorded on camera by Rich and myself, check out the photo gallery to see.


Rich becomes an interior decorator...

Rich seems to have gotten himself very excited about our move next month - so much so that he has planned out where all our furniture will go in the new flat. He has decided on the best position for the TV set (so that the light from the window doesn't shine on it and also so that you can still see it while cooking yourself dinner), getting some storage for underneath the guest bed, having lots of plants for a "leafy oasis", getting two new wardrobes from Ikea (he has already had a look at their online catalogue), and much more...

On a less happy note I have just received a parking ticket, and I am less than impressed. My bike decided to be unrideable yesterday (problems with the choke cable) so I left him outside Rich's place today... and now I have a £50 ticket to pay :(


New Flat! - Take the flat tour!

Some of you may already know that Rich and I have been looking to be moving in together this summer - well this morning we put down a holding deposit on a lovely flat in East Croydon.

The flat is a very nice and modern two bedroom apartment, with a lovely open plan kitchen and living room. There should be enough room for all of our many belongings while still having room for the odd friend or two to stay over as well. Rich and I will be moving in on 12th June, so we've got lots to get organised before then - but once we are settled in we look forward to having you come and visit.