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Badminton BBQ

One of Rich's friends from the local badminton club invited us both to his Birthday BBQ and we were happy to accept (yum - BBQ!). After being fortified by some of Ian's expertly charred BBQ food Rich and co. wandered on to the tennis courts to try their hands at a different racket game. I joined Rich for one game after laughing at his attempts loudly from the sidelines, and then looked a lot like a fool as I discovered just how bad I was at tennis.

After missing practically every ball that came my way I decided to try and make myself useful by doing a spot of umpiring. This fantastic high chair made me feel like a little kid again - and I ended up shouting out/in randomly instead of being the impartial judge that I was supposed to be.


Free food

Myself and Rich managed yet again to wangle a free meal out of friends (mwah ha ha!). Cara and Nick invited us round and fed us a delicious dinner and then let us play Trivial Pursuit with them. What with that and getting to spray their friendly pet snail it was a most enjoyable evening.

If any of my friends/family are reading this please feel free to join in the feed Jess and Rich trend!


Jess is 27 again!

Yup - the ever young looking Jess has decided not to increase her age until she starts to look her age (and who knows how long that is going to take?) So if you've been keeping track of the years she has mounted up then you may want to take a note of the fact that she is now 27 (again).

For my Birthday treat Rich and I wandered off to Regents park to finally get round to visiting London Zoo. We took a few wrong turns but eventually got there and headed straight off to find food before getting too involved looking at the animals.

We tried to visit every area of the zoo, and discovered that there is a lot to see in such a small space, and when we could see past all the hordes of small school children we enjoyed it lots. The little pigmy hippo was good fun to watch as he pottered around munching on the grass, and our other favourite was a gentle little monkey. New photos now in the picture gallery.

After much walking and exploring Rich and I headed back home where I finally got to open all my lovely cards and presents - thank you everyone! Rich then treated me to some delicious chocolate cake and my day was complete. Hopefully my next 27th birthday will be as much fun!


New Katie photos

I've finally gotten around to putting up some new photos of the lovely Katie on my baby Katie page. Sorry for taking so long to do this Thea - it's been a busy time. But now that Rich is off enjoying himself at the grand prix I finally have a little bit of time to catch up.