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Rich and I are engaged, hooray!

Rich proposed to me today (our 2nd year anniversary) in the most romantic way possible. While on holiday in New York we had an evening horse and cart ride around Central Park. Mid cart ride Rich got down on one knee and asked me to marry him - of course I said yes!

Proposing in a horse drawn carriage is not too easy either... Central Park has got some pretty bumpy roads, Rich was lucky that he didn't fall out!


Holiday in New York

Rich and I decided to travel all the way over to distant New York to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. We both had a really fantastic time, there is so much to see and do in New York - even in the freezing cold of January.

Rich is writing a very detailed diary of what we got up to and there are also our holiday photos to go and look at. I will start writing up my own version of events and that will be appearing soon, so watch this space!


Jess tries contacts

As I was due to have my eyes tested again I decided to ask about contact lenses (they have appealed to me for ages as I'm too vain to wear my glasses most of the time) and today I got to try my first pair.

I'm finding it really difficult to put them in at the moment, but everyone assures me that this gets better with time. Hopefully this is true, as it is taking me about 25mins and also making my eyes all red :-(. Wish me luck!