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During the day myself, Rich, Rich's sister and sisters boyfriend (Cara & Nick) went ice skating at Somerset house. Rich and I did really well for a change as neither of us fell over this time. We also got to see the BBC outside broadcast people setting up their cameras for doing the New Year broadcast.

Rich and me skating unsteadily

In the evening Rich, Matt and myself prepared a sumptious oriental feast! We all ate well, played 'scategories' (btw - pole dancing is NOT a hobby) and I even managed to stay up until gone midnight.

23/12/05 - 28/12/05

Rich and myself went up North to visit his family for Christmas - much high jinks ensued. More details on this should hopefully be making an appearance soon here.

03/11/05 - 09/11/05

Finally! A fantastic holiday to Barcelona. So much to tell and so many photos to view... More details on this should hopefully be making an appearance soon here (I will be writing this up next - so be sure to check back soon, for now the photos from the trip are avaliable through the photo gallery link).

Ruth and I got together on this Friday before Halloween, to do some Halloweeny type things, like a little bit of pumpkin carving. Some photos are available here for your viewing pleasure.
22/09/05 - 26/09/05

Rich and I wander all the way up to Scotland to visit my good friends Karen and Sean (also know as Sharon and Corn). To read more and see the photos then go and take a look here. Rich and I both had a fantastic time and we are eagerly awaiting our next vist.


Thea's beautiful wedding went off without a hitch - a really lovely day. More details on this should hopefully be making an appearance soon here - that is when Thea gets round to sending me the photos!

22/07/05 - 26/07/05

Myself and Rich travelled up to Yorkshire to spend a long weekend with his parents. To see some of the pictures and read a little about our adventures, visit here.


Rich and I make our way across (I think it's west) to deepest darkest Wales, to visit my sister and my little niece. Myfanwy (my niece) was as lovely as ever - she has gotten so big! I would have put some photos up - but sadly they all feature me, and I look a bit demonic in all of them...