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18/11/07 - 19/11/07

Luxury Spa weekend

Most of you will know just how tired and worn out both Rich and I have been recently - what with all the Wedding planing and then our lovely honeymoon that also wore us out... we have been in desperate need for a good relaxing break.

Well this weekend we finally got one! Off we trooped to the lovely Nutfield Spa for an overnight stay at their beautiful hotel and a chance to take advantage of their spa facilities. We went swimming (I managed to do a whole pool length!), sat in a steam room and a sauna, had a delicious dinner, played scrabble in the hotel library and enjoyed a full massage and facial (oh and we also indulged in a cream tea in front of the fireplace).

Now Rich and I are feeling very relaxed and happy - thanks Cara and Nick for treating us to such a fantastic break!


Children in Need fireworks

This evening at work Rich and I helped out at a fireworks display being held to raise money for Children in Need. For a third year running I volunteered to be the first aider on call and prayed that no one got any nasty burns or other injurys.

The fireworks were spectacular again this year - a lovely display that was directly above us, and a fantastic 'flaming Pudsey' for the finale. Our work raised 1600 for the charity so it was an evening well spent.

Oh - if you look closely in the photo on the left you can see that our 'light saber' from the recent Erith fireworks made another outing out. It was much admired by all the little kids running around.


Richard's Birthday

Richard has finally managed to overtake me and is now the grand old age of 28 (while I am still only 27 - mwah ha ha hah!).

It would seem that I am not the only person to think that Rich is fantastic though - yes it is official, today Rich was awarded the "Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence" award! It would seem that the top dogs at work feel that on Rich's Birthday he deserved some recognition for his acheivements in the field of excellence (specifically in the field of daftness).

After a hard day of being awarded glass trophies Rich returned home to be taken out for a lavish dinner with his wife and on his return home a few generous slices of Birthday cake. I believe that the Birthday boy had a lovely day - but be warned, he is already thinking about his Christmas presents!


Fireworks in Erith

Thea and Marcus invited myself, Rich and Alex with Kathy to go over to their home in Erith for a delicious dinner and then a trip out to see the local firework display. Rich and I decided to find it in our hearts to accept this offer of free food and pretty lights in our usual gracious way :-) Sadly Alex and Kathy couldn't make it as Alex had a bit of a fall of his motorbike - hope you are okay bro!

Dinner was delicious - a fantastic seafood tagliatelle which we all struggled to eat, and there was a side salad, and garlic bread too! After a bit of a break to rest our much stretched stomachs we all tucked into a very tasty cheesecakey thing that was fantastic.

We all then prepared for the chilly outdoors and wrapped little Katie in layer after layer of warm clothing - and doesn't she look cute in her little cat hat. Off we headed to find the fireworks, and after a rather busy bus ride we made it there. The fireworks were a little delayed due to 'technical difficulties' but luckily there were pleanty of lightsabers to go round which kept us occupied for a good long while. Go and have a look at the photo gallery for more firework related mayhem photos