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Long time, no blog

The last 4 months have been pretty hectic and for one reason or another I have been too busy/caught up in other things to get round to updating my blog. I'm really sorry! Life has calmed down a little now and as Rich and I have been trapped in the new house this weekend I thought it was high time I updated this blog a little.

The new house is lovely, we moved in at the end of June and then spent an awfully long time getting all our stuff to fit as well as being busy getting everything organised and the garden under control. One of the last house things on our list to do is having some minor work done as suggested by our damp proofing survey and that is happening this weekend. Our lovely new home is looking a little bare at the front where we've had all the plaster at the bottom removed so that a special damp proof plaster mix can be put up instead.

Now we are waiting to have a trench dug out the back of the house this afternoon and next weekend we are hoping the work will get finished. So while I'm trapped here I think I had best try to do a little updating, it's been a busy 4 months so there really is lots to put in.