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15 month anniversary

Rich and I spent the day celebrating our having dated for 15 months (in fact we were a day early - actual anniversary was on the 23rd). To mark this special occasion we decided that we would wander over to Syon house and visit the butterfly house. Syon Butterfly house is sadly going to be closed down in early 2007 - so I thought I would take Rich along to see it before it disappeared. My last visit to it was with my mum and one of my friends... during that trip my mum stepped on one of the butterflies which put me off visiting for a good long while. This trip went much better and Rich took lots of great photos (which you can take a look at here - don't forget to click on the thumbnails if you want to see the larger image and the caption).

We also wandered into the aviary attached to the butterfly house (perhaps that's where all the dead butterflies go?) which was nice and peaceful - even if there was an incredibly noisy bird there. After that we decided to visit the reptile house (also due to be closing sadly) which was pretty good - what with evil looking crocodiles, paitent terrapins and ancient fish. We also stayed on for an 'encounter' session where we had the chance to pet some of the animals. We saw (but weren't allowed to touch) a red sand spider, a water dragon, a camine crocodile (!) and a snake. My favourite would have to be the water dragon (a kind of chameleon) that seemed to be quite happy with all the people petting it. The crocodile (a very young one) really didn't want to be there at all - and wanted to take a chunk out of the guy who was doing the session.

For the evening Rich and I went to a tasty Thai restaurant in Richmond called 'Fat Boys' (solely because Rich was amused by the name). We ate far too much food (yum) and got quite giggly on a bottle of 'Monsoon' Thai wine. I get to chose the restaurant for our 18th month anniversary... bet I can't find one with a better name though.


Site updates

Please don't get too excited as I'm not about to write anything very interesting here... I just thought that I would let my avid readers know that I am doing a lot of work on the site at the moment - it just might not look like it... I've spent about 4 hours making the following changes:

  • Applying the new site layout to all my site pages (Rich and I have put together our own FuzzyFelt layout - which includes making our own top banner... looks good huh?)
  • Figuring out how to add captions to the photos in the picture gallery (admittedly Rich has figured this out - but I had to understand his explanation!) as well as adding some captions to the photos from our Newcastle trip. More captions to appear soon...
  • Writing some new posts (been a bit slow recently - sorry)
  • Moving old posts into the Archive (which you can link to in the side menu)

Happy Easter!

I have been making cards like crazy for some of my friends and all of my family (15 cards in total - whew!) so hopefully all of you will have received my Easter best wishes already - if not then a very Happy Easter to you and I hope you got lots of chocolates. Rich bought me a really lovely 'Hotel Chocolat' egg which I will be munching through gradually.

For Easter this year Rich, myself with Zig and Liz (who were down from Newcastle) went out into London for some lunch and a wander. We had some very nice gourmet pizzas (I had a Chinese duck one - yum) and then we wandered off through London. We came across 'Postman's park' which we think featured in the film closer, as well as a street nearby to it that was called 'Little Britain'. Photos are now here.


Dinner in Belvedere

Rich and I went to visit my sister Thea for lunch at her home in Earith. Thea is getting quite big now (with my future niece Katie) - she's due in mid June. While at Thea's house we noticed that Rich was wandering around with a stamp on his foot...


Simpsons game of life!

In preparation for Rich's sister Cara and her boyfriend Nick coming to visit, Rich and I went off shopping for some tasty food to prepare for them. While wandering around the shops Rich spotted the 'Simpsons game of life' board game - which I got very excited about and rushed off to the till to purchase. For those of you that are also 'Game of life' fans check out my extra pictures here.