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This evening I went to see a theatre production at Croydon clock tower of "The Librarian's joke" (try having a look at: which will tell you a bit about the play)

The production was great fun, it started with the players coming through the waiting crowd with a book trolley, from which they insisted we 'borrow' a book (they were very persistant). We all followed them inside once we had 'joined the library' and took our seats. The play was a love story about Rose the Librarian and Pete who did the cataloguing. Pete spent the play wooing Rose with daft jokes which involved hiding books in toasters and leaving items (like his badminton racket) in amoungst the shelving. Pete managed to kill himself in some sort of mysterious way that was never explained - sadly before Rose got around to saying what she felt about him. Best bits of the play included the "Gooey Dewey" song as well as getting a chance to play dewey number bingo.

17/02/06 - 19/02/06

Rich and I went to visit Zig and Liz in Newcastle (however you say it) for a nice extended weekend. More details on this should hopefully be making an appearance soon here.