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Myself and a group of work mates wandered over to the BBC's television centre in White City to watch the filming of a new TV sketch show called "That Mitchell and Webb look". The show was done by the same people who were in Peep show (and also did the radio show "That Mitchell and Webb sound".

I found most of the sketches very amusing - especially the one with the worried germans... hopefully the pilot will be well received and the show will get a commission.


One Year!

Myself and my most lovely boyfriend have now been dating for a whole year!

If you want to see these thumbnails better then have a look at our picture gallery.


Went to see "Woody Allen's murder mysteries" a theatre production done at the Warehouse theatre in Croydon. The show was really good fun - it was loosely based on some of Woody Allen's work, which I may now try and borrow a film or two of. Not too sure how to describe it really, apart from saying that it seemed to make fun of the detective film genre - as well as containing some very amusing songs. Worth going to see if you ever get a chance.

Rich, Ruth and myself went into London to see all the Chinese New Year celebrations that were being held there. More details on this should hopefully be making an appearance soon here.