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Thea's new home

My big sister has just settled into her new home and what is the first thing that she wants to do? Invite me and Rich round for lunch of course! Yes - I do believe that I have her very well trained.

Thea, Marcus and Katie gave us the guided tour (Katie is walking now - and is very good about taking you by the hand and guiding you around. I really like their new home, and so does Tigger who looked very comfortable lounging about the place.

We were served a delicious lunch of hearty stew and some very tasty danish pastry and icecream for dessert. Thea also reminded me that it is her 30th next week - oops almost missed that one!

Oh, and if you are curious about the fairy cakes in the photo then Rich and I made them when we got home - they look good yes?


Selling Seth

The sad day approaches fast when I will be selling my much beloved motorcycle on to another biker. He has been my best set of wheels in all my long years of riding (9!) and I will miss him terribly. However, it would seem that the many costs of maintaining him and paying for fuel, insurance, road tax are just more than are sensible. Looks like I'm going to be train bound in the near future :-(

On the one slight bright side at least I'll be able to catch up with my reading and crochet, and not be stressed and scared for my life because of some idiot in a car trying to end my life prematurely... I love you Seth and I hope your next owner treats you well.


Wedding preparations

Most of my free time has been completely taken up with all the organising needed to get this wedding ready in time for the big day. Most of the hard stuff has been done already - venues booked, DJ sorted, people invited and honeymoon (and a shiny new passport) all organised. But there is still so much to do! To help with the stress I have been doing a bit of wedding related craftyness... and as a sneaky preview I've included a photo for you of some lovely ladybirds that I'm making as decorations as well as one of the nightlight holders that I've painted.

Another welcome distraction to all this wedding panic has been having a quick go with the latest edition to our board game collection - "Escape from Atlantis". Rich spotted this game from his youth at our local charity shop and we were very pleased with the bargin price of 50p that we snapped it up for. It's in near perfect condition (it just needed one of the pieces to be lovingly glued back together by Rich) before we gave it a whirl (he he!). Rich won this first match, but now I understand some of the tactics I fully expect to be victorious next time.


Richard's summer BBQ

Richard B plays host each year to one of the top social occasions of the summer - namely the Richard summer BBQ. Yup - loads of his friends and most of the people that he socialises with at work attend and it is always a fun, alcohol filled evening.

Three of the regular attendees can be seen in the photo to the right enjoying some of the beer that has been filling up the fridge. To the right of them (just out of camera sight) are the two BBQs that are cooking up some lovely charred food. Sadly no chickens were harmed in the duration of the BBQ - so Jess had to make do with burgers and pork kebabs :-(

After much tasty food and even some strudel for dessert Rich and I toddled off home happily full and slightly tipsy. Photos from both BBQs are now in the photo gallery.