Barcelona holiday

I'm going to start writing up the many events of our holiday to Barcelona very soon, till then here is a link to the picture gallery which has a large number of photos from our trip:

Barcelona photos

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Brief details:

Barcelona holiday
03/11/05 - 09/11/05


Rich and I set off from a very windy East Croydon to go off for our first holiday together, desitination: Barcelona. This wasn't the first time that I had visited Barcelona though - I had been there a few years before as it was one of the stops that we made on the cruise ship that my entire family went on. On that trip we only stopped for the day - and my sisters and I spent the time at a water park there, instead of seeing all the other great sites that Barcelona has to offer. This time I wanted to see all the fantastic Gaudi architecture that I had seen photos of, and Rich was keen to visit the huge theme park (Port Aventura) nearby.

First things first, after struggling through the wind we arrived at East Croydon station and there we caught a train to Gatwick airport. Not much to say about that apart from Rich behaving like a proper gentleman while we got ourselves some food (he asked for a fork which puzzled the lady serving him as he had bought a sandwich - little did she know that the fork was for the salad that I had smuggled in...). The flight itself was uneventful apart from my discovering that I can't get those travel ear plugs into my little ears - so I had to just put up with sucking lots of sweets to try and stop my ears from popping.

Barcelona airport was much nicer that Gatwick - and the sun was out and shining, so all was looking good so far. Armed with our Time Out guide to Barcelona we tried to catch a cab back to where we were staying, but we didn't have much luck in pronouncing the useful Catalan phrases in it. Luckily the cabbie spoke some English and he also had the map that we had brought with us to follow.

The flat that we stayed in was gorgous (why not go and take a look at it here?)