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Today was the big day, the day that Rich and I have been frantically organising for months, stressing over and running ourselves ragged for. And it was all worth it.

We are married, hooray!

We had the most fantastic day and we have so many people to thank for their help and assistance in making the day so special. So my heartfelt thanks goes out to the following people who made our wedding day so special:

  • Richard's parents for all their help and support, especially his mum who spent so much time making the invitations and all the wedding favours
  • My parents for helping us with the delicious food that we had at the reception
  • Thea for all the support up to the wedding and keeping me calm on the day itself
  • Cara for organising the most fantastic hen night possible
  • Dan for keeping Rich out of mischief on the wedding morning
  • Ruth and Karen for their part in the ceremony
  • Nick for putting up with a naughty hamster house guest while we were on honeymoon
  • Aubs for making the lovely wedding cake - yum!
  • And everyone who came on the day and made it so much fun!

Rich and I are currently gathering together all the photos that people took on the day so that we can make up our wedding album. If you have any nice photos of the day we would love to have a digital copy so that we can print some out and also put them up in our photo gallery.


Hen night

Tonight was the big night - Jessica's last night out as a fun-loving free female, and a great day had been organised to keep her out of mischeif. Both my sisters managed to make time to come across to sunny Croydon (Liz came all the way from Wales!) and having them along with my other close friends really made the day special for me.

My day started off on the best note as Rich passed me a parcel that my good friend Karen (McFaren) had posted down to me from Scotland. It contained the most beautiful hen night veil ever (look at how cool I look wearing it in this photo), a wand for commanding my hens around with, some suitable hen night badges and a photo frame for putting a pic of my fabulous night out in.

A small group of us met up in Queensway for lunch and then on to the Queensway ice rink for a good go at skating. I loved rushing around like a mad thing (almost falling over a good few times) and then getting a chance to skate around with both my sisters. Cara made the skating even more enjoyable by buying us some very tasty posh looking cakes which we ate at half time while the re-iceing machine went round.

After skating our small group of 5 headed back to Croydon to meet up with the rest of the hens and get into our 'theme' outfits. My hen night theme was organised the fantabulous Cara - she came up with the fantastic idea of us all wearing something oriental. She also bought me my lovely blue oriental top, everyone a little chinese silk bag, and some beautiful hair pins for us to all put our hair up with. There were also oriental type treats, 'village cookies' and some tasty peanuty cake things.

Thank you everyone for coming out and making my day so special! Thanks Cara for organising such a fantastic surprise and putting so much care and planning into it.

08/09/07 - 09/09/07

Calm before the storm

The wedding is fast approaching - too fast for my liking. But strangely enough we didn't have any wedding related chores planned - instead Rich and I had a quiet and relaxed weekend.

I did briefly go into London with Cara to buy 'table confetti' on Sunday, and we did enjoy a quick lunch at Wagamama's... but apart from that not much else happened, honest!

Oh - and we did a little more fairy cake baking too, this time we wanted a chocolatey treat... so we came up with these - chocolate sponge with choc drops, melted white chocolate on top with chocolate sprinkles, yum!


Fidget tree

Rich and I had a few errands to run today - mostly shopping for boring computer related stuff... but we also got to go and visit Pets at Home to buy some fun stuff. We wanted to stock up on supplies for Fidget so that she will have plenty of food/bedding for when she stays with Nick while Rich and I are off on our Honeymoon.

While we were stocking up on all the bumf that Fidget needs we saw this fantastic 'small animal tree' that is meant for rabbits and guinea pigs... but I wanted to get it for Fidget. Rich and I decided it would probably be okay if we monitored Fidget's use carefully... and look, she seems to like it!


Treat Jessica evening

Hooray for Treat Jess evening! Hopefully it'll be the first of many such events.

Yup - today was a treat evening for Jess, why? I'm not too sure... Rich decided that he was going to take care of me this evening and cook me whatever I desired - and being the caring fiance that I am I of course let him :-)

After much deliberation I decided that I craved the delicious Spatch-cocked chicken from a Jamie Oliver cook book - and it was delicious, cooked to perfection as you can see in this photo.

Even with the late edition of brocolli instead of asparagus (some how we lost our asparagus between the supermarket and home) it worked fantastically. It didn't last long though as we tucked straight in.

To help wash down all that tasty food we also had a few glasses of the lovely champagne that Aubs bought us as an engagement present (we thought we had better make a reason to drink it as we weren't going to be engaged for much longer!)

All in all a fantastic evening - very relaxing for me and lots of good food too! Now I wonder if I can convince Rich to make this a monthly event?..