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Phantom of the opera!

Dum, dah dah dah dum, DAH DUM!

Today myself, Ruth and Rich (but sadly no Sharon & Korn) went to Her Majesty's Theatre to see a performance of "The Phantom of the Opera". Rich, Ruth and myself hadn't been to see this before (however the replacement Karen & Sean had) and so were very excited by the time we got in and seated. The theatre is lovely - feels very grand, but not too overwhelming, and our grand circle seats were great - right at the front of the grand circle and smack bang in the centre.

My favorite parts include the chandelier being raised at the beginning, the candles coming out of the stage floor for the descent into the phantoms lair and the phantom standing precariously on the suspended angel. The phantom was my favorite character - and I especially loved all his notes to the opera crew. I think I shall be humming the music for a while yet - hopefully the people in my library don't mind!

Rich, Ruth and myself standing outside Her Majesty's Theatre


Sunday dinner

Rich and I wandered over to Rich's sister's boyfriend's (that was a bit of a mouthful!) new flat for Sunday dinner. Rich's sister (Cara) and her boyfriend (Nick) cooked us a lovely dinner of roasted vegetables with some special cooked cheese, which we ate in pitta bread with homous - very tasty. It's always good to get food laid on for you :-).

Cara also showed us some very disturbing pooh bear Kinder type toys... These were pooh bear wearing different animal costumes - however they looked as though pooh bear's head had been swallowed by the animal - check out Rich's blog for a photo!


House of trouser - card evening

Today was when the previous occupants of Malpit lane all got together to play poker. Food was provided by Matt (tasty Chicken Malaysian curry and rice) plus Rich and myself (steamed dumplings and crispy beef - yum!). A very tasty start to the evening indeed. Duncan and Steve arrived with beer and Jenga, and then we all ate lots.

Next - to the cards... not quite though, as we all ended up playing a new game that Matt had bought called "The Settlers of Catan".

Matt won by a mile - with lot's of settlements, a huge road system (with which he managed to stunt my potential empire) and pretty much all the resources. Go here to take a look at few more of the pictures taken that evening


Chartered - finally!

I have just had my letter from CILIP to say that my submission for Chartered status has finally (this has all been going on for 3 years now) been accepted! You may all now use the following letters after my name: MCLIP. I'm sure you're all very impressed :-)


World Book day!

Today is world book day - not too sure what it's all about as I managed to miss it - but if you are interested why not take a look by going here.


Delayed pancake day!

Due to Rich having his Taekwondo session and my having my yoga lesson neither of us could give pancake day the time it deserved. So today will be pancake day and with the aid of Delia Smith, Rich and I will be celebrating it properly :)

For more photos click here

This evening I went to see a theatre production at Croydon clock tower of "The Librarian's joke" (try having a look at: which will tell you a bit about the play)

The production was great fun, it started with the players coming through the waiting crowd with a book trolley, from which they insisted we 'borrow' a book (they were very persistant). We all followed them inside once we had 'joined the library' and took our seats. The play was a love story about Rose the Librarian and Pete who did the cataloguing. Pete spent the play wooing Rose with daft jokes which involved hiding books in toasters and leaving items (like his badminton racket) in amoungst the shelving. Pete managed to kill himself in some sort of mysterious way that was never explained - sadly before Rose got around to saying what she felt about him. Best bits of the play included the "Gooey Dewey" song as well as getting a chance to play dewey number bingo.

17/02/06 - 19/02/06

Rich and I went to visit Zig and Liz in Newcastle (however you say it) for a nice extended weekend. More details on this should hopefully be making an appearance soon here.


Myself and a group of work mates wandered over to the BBC's television centre in White City to watch the filming of a new TV sketch show called "That Mitchell and Webb look". The show was done by the same people who were in Peep show (and also did the radio show "That Mitchell and Webb sound".

I found most of the sketches very amusing - especially the one with the worried germans... hopefully the pilot will be well received and the show will get a commission.


One Year!

Myself and my most lovely boyfriend have now been dating for a whole year!

If you want to see these thumbnails better then have a look at our picture gallery.


Went to see "Woody Allen's murder mysteries" a theatre production done at the Warehouse theatre in Croydon. The show was really good fun - it was loosely based on some of Woody Allen's work, which I may now try and borrow a film or two of. Not too sure how to describe it really, apart from saying that it seemed to make fun of the detective film genre - as well as containing some very amusing songs. Worth going to see if you ever get a chance.


Rich, Ruth and myself went into London to see all the Chinese New Year celebrations that were being held there. More details on this should hopefully be making an appearance soon here.


During the day myself, Rich, Rich's sister and sisters boyfriend (Cara & Nick) went ice skating at Somerset house. Rich and I did really well for a change as neither of us fell over this time. We also got to see the BBC outside broadcast people setting up their cameras for doing the New Year broadcast.

Rich and me skating unsteadily

In the evening Rich, Matt and myself prepared a sumptious oriental feast! We all ate well, played 'scategories' (btw - pole dancing is NOT a hobby) and I even managed to stay up until gone midnight.

23/12/05 - 28/12/05

Rich and myself went up North to visit his family for Christmas - much high jinks ensued. More details on this should hopefully be making an appearance soon here.

03/11/05 - 09/11/05

Finally! A fantastic holiday to Barcelona. So much to tell and so many photos to view... More details on this should hopefully be making an appearance soon here (I will be writing this up next - so be sure to check back soon, for now the photos from the trip are avaliable through the photo gallery link).


Ruth and I got together on this Friday before Halloween, to do some Halloweeny type things, like a little bit of pumpkin carving. Some photos are available here for your viewing pleasure.

22/09/05 - 26/09/05

Rich and I wander all the way up to Scotland to visit my good friends Karen and Sean (also know as Sharon and Corn). To read more and see the photos then go and take a look here. Rich and I both had a fantastic time and we are eagerly awaiting our next vist.


Thea's beautiful wedding went off without a hitch - a really lovely day. More details on this should hopefully be making an appearance soon here - that is when Thea gets round to sending me the photos!

22/07/05 - 26/07/05

Myself and Rich travelled up to Yorkshire to spend a long weekend with his parents. To see some of the pictures and read a little about our adventures, visit here.


Rich and I make our way across (I think it's west) to deepest darkest Wales, to visit my sister and my little niece. Myfanwy (my niece) was as lovely as ever - she has gotten so big! I would have put some photos up - but sadly they all feature me, and I look a bit demonic in all of them...