Little Katie

New Katie photos

Katie looks plum tuckered out

This is a lovely shoe - but I can't seem to get it to fit

Hoorah for hugs!

Hey this swing thing is fantastic fun

Yum! It even tastes good

Oops, dad is back, better stop eating the swing

Err - nope I seem to be falling out now...

How rude!

Katie and Myfanwy meet another little tyke

Wow - just look at that!

Hey I want a go with the camera now

This cream isn't so tasty mum

Oh - actually I think I'm starting to like it

Wow! Look at how tall I am now!

Hey, I'm trying to walk here!

Hmm - I seem to have turned into a dalamation?

Ice cream? Yes, I think I will

What are you look at dad?

Hey, I can be a cat too!

I'm soooo cosy

Happy :-)

Nooo - it's too early!

Now I'm a pig?!

Hey Rich, this easter egg isn't very chocolaty you know

Jessica isn't just about to drop off - she is just having trouble with the camera flash. It's a lovely photo of Rich and Katie though.

Katie seems to enjoy the bouncing (wish I could find an adult one for me!)

Close up of Katie blowing a raspberry

Marcus and Katie looking happy, but slightly demonic.

Aww, sleepy Thea - Zzzzzz

Ha ha! See I can still get away with sticking my tongue out!

Ooooh - soft! Zzzzzz

What a nice blanket!

Katie was born at 23.42 on Sunday 2nd July 2006.

Isn't she pretty?

Hi dad! (sleep now... zzz)

Hah ha! I stick my tongue out at you!

Oh no! Back to the black and white now - and I've been turned upside down!

Ah - that's better, proper baby pink now.

Eerk! I'm all black and white, what's going on!