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My Valentine

What with skiing and then looking into the house market myself and Rich have been pretty busy this month. So we were a little surprised when Valentines day came round so quickly. All we really had time to do was to book a table at one of our favourite restaurants - Anna's Thai.

In honor of the day Anna's was only serving the valentine set menu which meant that Rich didn't get the option to order his favourite dish. However, the disappointment didn't last long as the set menu was fantastic. Rich can be seen here drinking some tasty Cava (yum!) and about to tuck into a selection of starters which included a piece of heart shaped prawn toast and some mystery pink heart shaped vegatable.

The main courses were very tasty too and Rich found one of the courses to be almost as good as his favourite so he ended the evening well pleased. For me the highlights were the heart confetti all over the table and finding the odd piece of carrot in my main dishes that had been lovingly carved into a heart.

I hope you all had a lovely valentines too!

02/02/08 - 09/02/08

Skiing in La Plagne

What a fantastic holiday! Rich and I just got back from the sunny mountains in France after a week of exciting skiing with a group of good friends from work.

Rich was mostly new to skiing (with only a odd couple of goes on a dry slope years ago) and with my dreadful attempts at skiing 8 years ago we both decided to do a weeks worth of beginners lessons. In our class we also had four other work friends - Duncan, Richard, James and Chris who were also new to this skiing lark.

Our teacher 'Valerie' managed to do a great job of getting us all moving on skis and after just 2 days of lessons Rich, Duncan and myself all had a go at a red run. Well - that wasn't really with Valerie's knowledge and it really wasn't the smartest thing we did that week, but we survived and after that were quite happy to stick to doing the blue runs with the rest of the class.

The chalet that we all stayed in was lovely, fantastic views of the surrounding mountains, lovely rooms, a small sauna and also our own chef who cooked us the tastiest meals imaginable! There are tons of photos from week so go and check out the photo gallery now!