The daftness of Rich
Photographic evidence

Much observation and in some cases lucky timing has gone into capturing some of the daftness of my beautiful fiance. Before viewing these photos too carefully please be warned that they contain some extreme examples of daftness, and are not to be viewed by those of a delicate nature.

Rich pretending that it isn't time to get up

Rich - shouldn't your cape be on your back?

Rich with the stubble that gave him his nick name...

Caught in the act of snaffling some easter egg

Rich 'slipping and falling'

Rich recapturing his youth

Perhaps Rich just wanted to feel wider?

Kite flying problems

Rich with a Mighty Coke

Surely they invented scissors for that?

Rich in a giant donut

Rich advances on his prey

Rich models his new 'sock' hat

Rich photographs himself

Rich is weighed down by his name badge

Rich's untangling method

The sofa attacks Rich

Rich in full geek mode

Rich enjoys another Mighty Coke

Rich is very excited by his giant crisps

Oh dear

Casual rainproof Rich

Rich - the human fly!

Giant Rich (with a tiny bottled water)

Who is that mysterious man?

Rich in a giant picture frame

Rich forms the 'rubble aliance'

Rich shows off one of his bed sculptures

Rich blames it on Marmot

The latest sculpture - in honor of your's truly.